• Lisa Hayworth

    Very impressive site. You really have a knack for drawing in the viewer. I was simply Googling images of Key West, when one of yours came up. Keep up the Great Work!

    • RSobral

      Thank You so Much Lisa! I appreciate Your Comment and Your Visit! :-)

  • Marc Walker

    WOW! Very impressive!

  • Garett

    Hi! great website! I found your site via your Youtube account! This is so random, but I love your video of “Marry Poppins the Broadway musical.” I was actually in the cast of that- I played the statue! :) I was contacting you because I wanted to see if by chance you had the entire show videoed? I would love to somehow get a copy as there is no other documentation of me in the show, except your video! I left my email address and would love to hear back from you! Thanks so much!

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