I will always remember YOU… Peter!

This morning, after getting back home from work, I cooked up a few things for Breakfast and went into my bedroom to catch up on my Reality TV Shows that I had previously recorded.

About thirty Minutes later (8:10 a.m.) I hear a knock on my door. Michael told me I needed to come to the Patio. He warned I was about to have a very bad morning.

That made me immediately worried. I asked if someone died. “-Yes.” He answered. I was flabbergasted. I panicked almost immediately. I wasn’t ready to bear with the loss of anybody, including my own animals.

I stepped outside and found Peter, one of my Favorite Rabbits, lying down in his cage, dead. The thought that I had just fed him and cleaned him up a few hours before I went to work and now I am seeing his dead body, did not sit well with me. I got emotional. I felt guilty for no reason at all. I just did. I felt guilty.

It wasn’t until a few moments later, when I had to make arrangements to bury his body that it really hit me: I just lost one of my Favorite Pets in years! Indeed, he was my favorite Rabbit.

I then stepped out of the house with Michael holding his body in his arms. I took a kitchen utensil and headed to the back of the house where I dug a hole big enough for his body to rest in.

I don’t think I ever had to bury one of my pets before. This made me very emotional.

Still, I couldn’t believe how this happened. As much as we all ‘expect’ death to come to us one day in life, you can’t help but wonder why this is happening so soon. Just last night I am seeing him off before heading out for work and now, this morning, I am taking his body out of the house and burying him forever in a hole outside. It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s now time to move on, though. As emotional as I have been all day, I must do exactly that – move on!