The Rain in Florida is a Joke!

I have never seen a more weird phenomenon than the rain in Florida. This morning, as I was going back home from work, I took these pictures simultaneously.

It’s hard to imagine how the rain works in one of the flattest states of the United States of America. Whenever it rains in Florida, you are able to observe where the rain begins and where it stops by just looking away from where the rain is. This morning I was on the beach. It looked like it was going to be a sunny morning. As I got on the interstate, it started pouring.

The funny thing is being in the rain while looking to your right (looking away as you barely see a five mile radius away from you) and you see sunshine.

I’m always very confused whenever it rains. I grew up in the so called “Rain State” (Sao Paulo, Brazil) where it is possible for you to have three to four days of nonstop rain. I miss that. I miss having more than just ten minutes of scattered rain.

So, Florida, please, get it together and let it rain!

Below is the view ahead of me as I was on the interstate:


At the same time, I also took this picture looking to my right, seeing Sunshine just a few miles away :