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These are my Pets…


Adopted in October 2012, she was a rescued Cat which I found at the Humane Society.

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Kitty’s story is actually sad. In one of my trips to South Beach, I ran into her in the Streets. She was in poor health, full of fleas and her hair was falling. She was scared of people. What caught my attention was when this Group of Nasty Girls yelled at her for coming close to her car and threatened to kick her if she came any closer (like we’re talking a TIGER approaching their car and not this small, defenseless, hungry, homeless animal just looking for someone who cares…). That made me angry. I immediately walked up to Kitty and grabbed her. She fell asleep in my arms. At that moment, I realized I had fallen for that animal. Kitty now has become the most adorable, loving Pet I have ever had! She’s very well behaved. She’s never been messy around the house and she is living proof that a small animal can truly provide a lot of love to you. Kitty is about 4 years old now.

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Rachel was rescued from the ‘death row’ (literally) of a shelter. She was in fact already scheduled to be put down the following week after we adopted her. The reason why she was going to be put down was not because of her health – but because she was just getting too old (1 and a half years old!) and no one had adopted her for months! I fell in love with her from the moment I looked at her inside her cage. What’s funny is that I had over 20 other dogs JUMPING at me in Glee… hoping to get out of there…. while Rachel had HER BACK to the door of her Cage… sad… hopeless. She caught my attention for being the only one there who was just that… hopeless, for she had been there for so long. She is now 7 years old.

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My Rabbits

Here are my Rabbits: Alice (the red-eyed white rabbit), Peter (the male black/white) and Harvy (the female brown rabbit).

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She is about 2 years old. She is another Great Addition to Our Family. Janelle is special in so many ways…

Janelle Pet