Tropical Storm Chantal fizzles out

Looks like Tropical Storm Chantal has changed her mind about bringing more rain to the east coast. As of this morning, Chantal is reported to have almost completely fizzles out. As much needed as the rain can be in Florida, it won’t be this time that we will be getting any water from this tropical storm.

As you can see, there are a few clouds in the horizon threatening to bring some rain to the shore, but that is not very likely to happen. The ocean seems very calm for any activity.

This is the third named storm of the season and so far everything is looking good. People have mixed opinions on hurricanes; some would love to see a busy hurricane season, which brings about jobs and opportunities for many to fall back on financially; others would prefer it didn’t happen at all.

I am fortunate to not have ever had a frustrating experience with any hurricane that has crossed Florida.

beach 7.13.13